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Empowering Youth in Cambodia:

Providing opportunities to transform the lives of students living on the thin edge of poverty.

Impact by the Numbers

EYC’s student population ranges in age from 6-24.  Of our 1,000 students, over 50% are female, and we actively recruit female students as a way to combat the inequities they face on a daily basis due to their gender.

In 2018, EYC conducted a survey of students who received scholarships from 2011-2017. The comparison between the level of education, type of occupations, and salaries of the EYC students versus their siblings shows the impact EYC had on their lives. Key findings from the survey include the following:

  • 100% passed their national high school exams compared to the national average of 56 to 64% in the previous three years.
  • 100% were currently in or had graduated from high school – 39% of their siblings who did not attend EYC did not graduate from high school.
  • 75% were currently in or have graduated from university. Before EYC, only 24% of those students thought university was possible.
  • 60+% of the students said EYC had both economically and intellectually supported and prepared them for jobs.
  • 51% of survey respondents said that EYC directly helped them find their job.
  • Almost 20% of EYC scholarship students make more than $400 per month. In contrast, only 5% of their siblings make more than $400 per month.
Small in Budget. Big in Impact

EYC is committed to maximizing your investment and making your dollars go further. We are able to serve over 1,000 students and 2,500 community members each year on an annual budget of $300,000 due, in part, to the following:

Driving Big Impact One Student at a Time

EYC’s approach of focusing on the individual student leads to large-scale impact as evidenced by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals we are addressing through our programming and outreach.

Our Students' Stories

The number of students and community members we serve represents the scale of impact, but the true impact is shown by the individual stories of lives transformed. Click on the button below to read their stories.

Chhenghour's Story

Synoeun's Story

Take a virtual visit to Phnom Penh and learn about a few of our students and alumni in their own words.  Click on the button below to view additional videos.

Thoughts From a Volunteer

“I’m so glad I got to meet the EYC students and see firsthand the work EYC is doing. During my school visits, the kids were all smiles as they proudly stood up and told me their name, age, and what they like to do for fun. Some of the kids added what they hope to do when they grow up. As I listened to them I thought to myself, ‘I really hope she actually becomes a “civil engineer” or he becomes an “art teacher” one day’. I honestly believe EYC is helping them get there.“

– Rebecca, USA

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