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Our Board

Formed in 2015, EYC’s Board of Directors is composed of a dedicated group of volunteers both in and out of country working to support the organization and ensure correct governance and long-term sustainability.  The following are the members of EYC’s Board of Directors:

Drew McDowell, Founder & Board Member

In 2005, Drew McDowell visited a slum area in Cambodia. What he experienced stuck with him – wonderful, bright children living in squalor. After raising funds from his friends and family, he returned to Cambodia in 2006 to volunteer. Upon arriving he became involved with a school that was about to close.  There he met a dynamic local English teacher who became the teacher and manager of the first EYC school. Drew continued to fundraise and help grow operations, supporting the local team in opening a total of four schools and starting new programs.  Drew studied Business Finance for his undergraduate degree and later completed an MBA, both from Colorado State University. He was married in Cambodia in 2010 and has two sons.  In 2016, Drew moved back to the United States with his family.  

Jodi Pederson, Board Chair

Jodi Pederson consults for both for-profit and non-profit organizations working across multiple industries on projects for operational improvement, communication, and change management. She has worked for Accenture, LivCor (a Blackstone company), Crown Media International, Newmont, and various start-ups in industries ranging from multi-family (including water and energy conservation projects), media, real estate, oil & gas, mining, and telecommunications. Jodi is involved in various organizations to support women in their entrepreneurial endeavors – both from the entrepreneur and investor perspective.

Jodi has been actively involved with EYC through multiple volunteer trips to Phnom Penh, and she became a formal Advisor to the team in 2012, supporting capacity development of the leadership team, planning, and fundraising. She firmly believes in EYC’s personal approach and supports EYC’s focus on empowering all youth, especially young women.

Doeurn Chev, Alumni Board Member

Filmmaker Doeurn Chev was born in Takeo province, Cambodia. He came to study in Phnom Penh in 2010 and graduated from Build Bright University in Finance and Banking in 2014. He worked as a school manager at EYC’s Aziza School and currently works for the Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center.

In 2014, he was selected by the Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center to join the Multimedia Training, Production and Diffusion program. In March 2016, Doeurn traveled to Switzerland with other young filmmakers from the Bophana Center for an exchange program between Cambodian and Swiss film students. In 2017, he was invited to attend the Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur (The Short Film Festival of Switzerland) in Winterthur in Switzerland. In 2018, he was invited to attend the 42nd annual Margaret Mead Film Festival at the American Museum of Natural History in New York to present his new film, titled “YOUR HOME”. In 2019, as director of the film, “SHOES,” he was invited to participate in the Open Doors screening at the Locarno Film Festival.

Ali Mayer, Board Member

Ali is the Executive Director of the Mayer-Phillips Foundation, which invests in innovative programs and initiatives that help Americans take ownership of their futures and prepare them to succeed in the world of tomorrow. Particular areas of focus are project-based learning, STEM, skills-based training or re-training, job preparedness, and financial literacy/economic self-sufficiency. Ali’s interest both within and beyond the foundation lies in the empowerment of women and girls, particularly through education and entrepreneurship. Ali is active in several U.S. non-profits and is a mentor for The Challenge Foundation – a scholarship-based program for students from low-income communities in Denver. Before working in the non-profit field, Ali spent 14 years as an entrepreneur/business owner.

Ali has been involved with EYC since her first visit in 2016 and has been managing the group communications strategy and website since 2017. She is grateful for the chance to work with the staff and students and appreciates EYC’s holistic approach and focus on the individual student.  Ali holds a B.A. in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University and spent 16 years living in Europe and Asia.

Lou McNamara, Board Member

Lou commenced her working life as a teacher and then administrator. She has post-graduate qualifications as an internationally accredited management system developer and auditor. She has worked as a consultant with numerous multinational companies in Australia and also in South East Asia on behalf of the United Nations as a specialist consultant and trainer for UNIDO to ensure clients met international standards.

Lou is the operations manager of the Matesabroad Foundation. She visits Cambodia several times each year, personally overseeing the Australian students’ immersion activities in the EYC schools. Matesabroad’s main focus is to assist EYC with the development and implementation of initiatives to strengthen the English Program. Lou oversees a strong team of Australian educators volunteering to achieve this goal.

Mona Tep, Board Member

Mona is an internationally recognized business leader with over 20 years of experience in the public and private sectors.  After returning to her native Cambodia following years living in France and Canada, Mona worked to promote investments in the energy sector as well as post-Khmer Rouge healing and tourism through television programming. She then implemented the public education element of a World Bank biodiversity project and helped develop Khmer identity through a local artisan training program.

Mona then devoted seven years to turning a USAID skills development project into a sustainable private-sector funded institution that improves the productive capacity of thousands of Cambodian factory workers and mid-managers.  She moved on to become part of the management team of a UK-owned, Cambodian-based clothing manufacturer.  Following that experience, she became the start-up COP of a major USAID-funded youth employment program in Morocco before working as an Acting Site Director, enhancing productivity, CSR programs, and Social Dialog. Mona currently runs her family’s healthcare business, which has become one of the leading pharmaceutical outlets in Cambodia.  In 2020, she opened a family medicare center.

Educated in Canada and fluent in English, Khmer, and French, Mona has an aptitude for working in cross-cultural business and governmental environments. She is the current president of the Equestrian Federation of Cambodia.

Simouy Seng, Alumni Board Member

Simouy Seng graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology in 2017 from Royal University of Phnom Penh. She was a former student and has volunteered for Empowering Youth in Cambodia, which greatly helped her on her own path. She worked as the Media and Communication Coordinator at Women’s Network for Unity and is excited to continue making a difference for women in Cambodia. The Women’s Network for Unity is the only organization in Cambodia that works with sex workers in order to connect them to a supportive network, providing advocacy, access to social services and helping them to be free from violence and discrimination.  She has also volunteered and worked with a variety of community and arts organizations.

Simouy recently received a scholarship to study in Australia for her Master’s degree in Gender Studies. She is currently studying English full-time before departing for Australia next year. 

Simouy has a passion for improving the status of all women in her country. Having grown up in a family without many resources, and in a society where boys typically get more educational opportunities, Simouy was determined to get the best education possible. She strongly believes that education is key to helping women prepare to become leaders and that education will also give them more decision-making control and freedom from discrimination.  She is committed to finding ways to create positive impacts for women and upon returning from Australia, Simouy wants to be a visiting University teacher so that she can share the knowledge and experiences she acquired abroad. Simouy also wants to provide equal opportunities for women and girls to be able to go to school and work. Additionally, after returning from Australia, Simouy plans to volunteer with NGOs working with women and youth, particularly EYC, where she can be a mentor for women and girls.  

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