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EYC Students Shine Bright at 18th Annual Cambodian STEM Festival

On Friday, May 10, STEM Cambodia hosted the 18th Annual Cambodian STEM Festival with the theme of sustainability. Two hundred student teams representing private schools, public schools, and NGOs presented STEM projects they had developed to over 1000 attendees. We at EYC would like to thank STEM Cambodia for organizing such an important event and giving EYC students the chance to participate. The event allowed young leaders and thinkers to showcase their engineering, coding, and science skills. 

Ten EYC students, split into four teams aged 11-20, participated in the festival, each presenting their unique STEM project. These projects were not just the result of their hard work but also a testament to the skills they acquired through EYC’s robotics classes. Using LEGO Spike, they crafted and operated their own robots, which were then showcased at the festival. Each exhibition was a blend of live demonstrations and detailed posters outlining the project’s objectives, development process, and encountered challenges. 

Inspired by the sustainability theme, the first team of EYC students to present designed a model for a robot that could automatically collect and dispose of trash. The lack of trash collection in some areas of Phnom Penh is a major issue, causing lots of unnecessary pollution. Our EYC students wanted to tackle that problem using their robotics and coding skills.

Sorting trash is invaluable to furthering our global environmental goals. Our students understand this as EYC provides students with high-quality training on UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other environmentally relevant topics. The second team of students to present at the festival tackled the issue of trash sorting. Leveraging their knowledge of coding, robotics, and sustainability, they created a LEGO model of a trash-sorting robot. Using colored balls to represent recyclable or non-recyclable waste, the robot was able to reliably sort the trash into correct piles. The Bayon TV crew interviewed our students on-site, and their interview was aired nationally – a first for any EYC student! 

EYC’s third student team used their LEGO Spike knowledge and creative abilities to design automatic sliding doors. In a country like Cambodia, known for its heat, AC has become prevalent in public spaces like shopping malls, hotel lobbies, and restaurants. This team wanted to design doors that could reduce the negative impact AC could have on the environment.

The fourth and final team of students was inspired by their passion for computers to build an “AI Restaurant.” Their concept consisted of a robotic waiter that could travel from kitchen to client and back again, serving food and bussing tables. 

Our students have grown up in an environment filled with novel products and access to increasingly complex technology, social networks, and AI applications. At EYC, we recognize the shift towards innovation and technology and are prioritizing STEM education so that our students can thrive in their future professional careers. 

We are immensely proud to see our students engaging with robotics, engineering, and coding projects and producing high-quality work that directly addresses local issues. Their dedication and passion for learning are truly inspiring, and it is a joy to see them apply the skills they acquire in the classroom to creatively solve real-world problems.


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