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The Launch of “Build Your Future”

We are excited to share with you a new online platform we have developed to address the needs of our students as they look to build their futures.  

Build Your Future

What am I interested in? What do I want to study?
What scholarship opportunities are available to me?
What job do I want to do?  What skills do I need to develop?

These are among the questions our students ask themselves as they contemplate their futures. However, up until now, they have often lacked information and have struggled to identify and navigate the different academic, vocational, or personal development options available to them.

Our Idea:

Create a platform that eases access to general information regarding career guidance, job opportunities, and health and personal development.

Our Goal:

Ensure that students in Cambodia, those at EYC and beyond, have the knowledge and information needed to make informed choices related to their academic and career paths.

Click here to take a look at the new platform.

We look forward to sharing stories with you in the future of how students have leveraged the platform to identify and take advantage of different opportunities and pathways.  ​

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