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Creating Places of Pride for Students

Creating Beautiful Spaces in which to Learn

EYC’s schools have always offered a sanctuary, safe haven, and place of pride for students growing up in challenging environments. Over the past year, EYC has worked to further create an atmosphere of creativity and pride at each school.  When Covid protocols allowed, students and staff joined together in painting the schools, creating beautiful and fun murals on the walls, and expanding the existing wall gardens with new plantings. The goal was to foster a safe opportunity to come together during Covid and create a warm and inviting space for students to return to when in-person school resumes.

Our students live at the margins of society. One of our fundamental beliefs is that, regardless of background, all students deserve a quality education and access to opportunities.  Part of that belief is the space in which one learns matters.  It is important to us that our students feel a sense of joy, happiness, community, and pride when they walk through the doors of our schools.

“Even though students and their families may not have much money, because of EYC they can study in a beautiful school.”
– EYC Art Teacher

Following are some “then and now” photos of Lakeside school (originals from 2018). What a difference some paint, love, and creative energy can make! 


…And Now!

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