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Thoughts From the Team: Delphine Discusses the Importance of the Team Leader Program

Why is the Team Leader Program so Crucial to EYC?
By fostering the development of future leaders, the Team Leader program ensures that the spirit and ethos of EYC — accountability, compassion, empathy, and generosity — will continue in the years ahead. The program enriches the entire organization, as these young volunteer leaders not only develop their individual leadership styles but also act as role models for the younger students.  Peer role modeling is at the heart of the Team Leader program’s effectiveness, and this modeling of behavior inspires the younger students to discover their own leadership potential and take ownership of their futures.   Additionally, by providing feedback based on their experiences delivering or organizing aspects of the programming, Team Leaders become change agents who help keep EYC’s programming fresh, engaging, and applicable.  The Team Leader program is a powerful tool that helps to foster maturity, accountability, compassion, humanitarianism, and confidence, which serves both the individual and the organization.

How Has the Program Grown/Developed Recently?
Our focus has been to create structure around the program by incorporating greater specificity regarding criteria for participation, articulating objectives around results/impact, and signing an agreement between EYC and the Team Leader detailing expectations and accountability. In addition to their roles running or organizing various programming, the Team Leaders receive direct coaching and support from senior staff.

They also participate in educational programming with EYC partners where they build their skills while acquiring new knowledge.  For example, our Team Leaders recently visited one of Cam Agra’s acacia plantations, where they learned about environmental sustainability in agriculture and socially conscious business practices.  While the informal Team Leader program was effective, we feel that a more formal program will yield even greater results for both the Team Leader and the organization as a whole.

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