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Pisey’s Story

Our students often share with me that they really appreciate what our schools provide for them, and they especially thank all of those who donated!

There are too many stories to tell, but here is one that epitomizes how your donations have enhanced the lives of our kids. Last night we had a terrific end of year (Christmas) party at Lakeside School. Our students know how to have a good time, and the community all came together to make things fun.

While I was there a young woman named Pisey approached me. She wanted to speak to me for one reason—to let me know how much and how positively her life had been affected by our help.


I met Pisey at Lakeside School 2.5 years ago. Though charming and charismatic, she recently had needed to drop out of school and was working in a factory. She was quite attractive, but had a front tooth with significant visible decay.

But she had enough drive to come and study English after a 10 hour day at the factory. After observing her motivation, EYC gave her financial assistance so she could stop working at the factory and start back in school in grade 8. We helped her get her teeth fixed; 4 front teeth needed replacement, and found her part time jobs cleaning houses.

She’s now half way through grade 10, her English is quite good and she has her sights clearly aimed at attending university (where she hopes to become a social worker). She sufficiently impressed her employers so she now supports herself and her family with 4 different cleaning jobs, and no longer requires EYC financial assistance. She says her life is going great. She’s also very busy!

Please help us to help more high-potential young people like Pisey and get them on the track they deserve to be on.While enjoying the excesses of the holidays, we hope you consider sharing with someone like Pisey. You might be glad you did!If you can help please make a donation – the students will be very appreciative. Please make a tax free contribution by clicking here.

Happy Holidays!
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