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EYC 2011 Year End Summary

As we bring 2011 to a close, I wanted to share with you some of the accomplishments from the past year.  All of the staff and students at EYC are very proud about what we achieved, despite the many challenges.  We feel that we are providing opportunities that matter for our young people that wouldn’t be provided if not for our work.
English Teaching

Each of our 3 schools has at least 7 hours of English training each weekday to over 300 students.  Our teachers had a total of 5,000 hours of classroom teaching time.  The results are hard to quantify, but we estimate 40% are competent with basic writing, reading (words) and pronunciation, while another 30% are basic conversational (phrases), and 15% are competent English speakers.  All are making progress in learning a 2nd language, a key exercise in mental development in young people and a valuable skill for many industries in Cambodia.

Our 3 computer labs have generated tremendous results and students who had never used a computer are now competent to proficient.  Staffed exclusively by students of EYC who have learned through our computer labs, we provided 8 hours of instruction in each lab to 160 students (1 hour per day per student) through short courses and ongoing training as well as time for self learning and general computer use.  Students study MS Office, email and social media, as well as programming and blogging.

Health Care

Our medical program had an impressive 2,500 patient-doctor visits, serving the entire communities, complete with medication if needed.  There were 900 patient-dentist visits for cleaning, fillings and extractions.  A few lucky ones were given replacement teeth.  All were given toothbrushes and training.  Our birth control team assisted 78 women to receive much wanted long term birth control, primarily IUDs, and hundreds more were given family planning education.  The total expenses by EYC for these programs will be $12,000 for the year, though the programs are also subsidized by our partners One 2 One, Global Child Dental Fund, Cambodian World Family, Chibodia, and Camkids.

Community Organizing

Seeing the need to engage the community to be involved in solving their own problems, EYC’s Community Organizing Officer Hem Nareth trained 3 teams to work in their communities and oversaw their projects.  In addition, Nareth is hands-on within the communities to troubleshoot, listen and fill gaps to facilitate the development of the communities where we work.  The development of the young people to be leaders and community organizers is ongoing.

Scholarship Students

Our scholarship program grew considerably and we feel this is a great investment of donor funds.  35 students were given financial aid and/or scholarships to attend university or a private high school.  In total $15,500 was distributed to our students to attend high school and university.

Our support of young people to be involved in leadership trainings and opportunities for personal growth are integrated throughout our programs, with our students also acting as teachers, medical assistants, party organizers, and generally running all aspects of their schools (though we do also hire trained teachers as well).  Weekend trainings are offered for segments of our students once or twice quarterly, and in 2011 we had 150 students attend a week long jungle adventure camp by ADRA where they learned team work and respect for the environment.


2011 saw a great increase in our offerings to get our young people engaged in sports, including cycling, soccer, yoga, frisbee, gym visits and dance programs.  In particular we have 2 soccer teams in competitive leagues, our cycling team won several medals, and we now have space for yoga in an apartment we rent near Aziza School.  We are encouraged by our students desire to improve their health and they always have fun doing it.  We will continue to encourage girls to get involved.

We’re not as small as we used to be, but we feel our accomplishments are really very large for the resources (budget) we work with.  In 2011, we will have spent $130,000 for the year, and received a lot of in-kind contributions from our partners.  Our financial information, detailed and in summary, is available upon request, and questions of any kind are welcomed.  We close 2011 with a clear sense that it was our best year and biggest accomplishments, and we certainly could not have done it without our wonderful donors. A huge thank you to all everyone that supports us.  We hope for your continued support in 2012. 
From everyone at EYC,
Happy New Year!
Best regards,
Drew McDowell
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