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Our schools are growing!

Our organization, Village Earth Cambodia, has opened our new school called Youth School in the train track area in October 2009 to empowering youth in that area. In the first month we opened the school, we started with only three classes: one in the morning, afternoon and evening, each with 20 to 25 students. Last month, sometime in November, we separated this into five classes because more students were interested in education and began to attend.

Because the number of students have increased, we are planning to open up a new class in Jan 2010 by separating the evening class to two classes. We are so excited about this because we can see that the youth are starting to understand the importance of education in their lives. We really need support from the government and also from other people to encourage and give opportunities to the young generation to really participate in the growth of the country in order to reduce poverty in Cambodia.

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