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Our Schools

Our schools operate in different vulnerable urban slum communities.  Each school is run by a school manager who is responsible for the quality of educational and recreational programming and for ensuring that the school is responsive to the individual needs of the community.

Aziza Thmey School

Our first school, Aziza, opened in 2006 in the historic White Building.  Following the closing of the school in 2017 due to the demotion of the White Building, we opened Aziza Thmey (New Aziza) in Sangkat Chak Angre Krom, a large slum community where new migrants settle. We also opened Aziza MAS in our office to allow many of the original Aziza students to continue studying.

Lakeside School

Seeing the opportunity to replicate the EYC model, staff from Aziza started Lakeside School, in 2008, in the Sangkat Boeung Kok community.   The school’s name was chosen because of the fact that the community was once located next to a lake that provided people with sustenance and jobs.  Those living around Lakeside are among the last remaining groups following evictions of 3,500 families in 2008.

Youth School

Student volunteers from Lakeside School started Youth School in 2009 to share their experiences and talent and give back to the community.  Youth School is located in Sangkat Toul Sangke, a slum shantytown where a large number of migrants settled informally after the war.

Impact School

With the support of the community, the EYC team opened Impact School in 2011 in Klaing Saing Village, a slum community. Shaded by bougainvillea trees, Impact is located in a wonderful house that was vacated to allow us to transform it into a school.

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