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English and computer classes are a core component of EYC’s educational outreach as better vocational jobs require basic English and/or computer skills. However, Cambodian public schools only offer English for two hours per week starting in middle school, and the only time the majority of EYC students use a computer is in our labs. In fact, many have never touched a computer before coming to EYC.

We teach over 50 English classes and 30 computer classes daily (M-F), serving roughly 1,000 students ranging in age from primary school students to university students.

With the help of key partners, we are continually improving our curriculum, incorporating phonics, and using technology and educational games in the classroom to improve students’ English proficiency and build basic technology skills. 

Without the free English and computer education provided by EYC, good jobs or university would not be an option for many of our students.


Because very few homes in our communities have books, we operate libraries at each school in order to give children the resources and encouragement needed to develop an affinity for reading at a young age. We ensure our students have access to books in both Khmer and English, and we establish a joyful learning environment that supports students by reinforcing their reading habits.


Many of our students either have to drop out of high school to help support their families or cannot afford the cost of additional schooling. Approximately 15% of our high school and university students (40-50 per year) receive scholarship assistance from EYC.

The scholarship program supports these young people to pursue the higher education needed to reach their dreams and become role models for other youth in their schools and communities.

To be eligible, students must demonstrate they are leaders and potential change-makers for their school, family, community, and nation. Scholarship students also volunteer at EYC by managing various aspects of the programming for the younger students, thereby promoting the culture of giving back.


High School Scholarships: 

  • To offer tutoring in mathematics and science as many public schools do not provide adequate teaching to pass the national state exam necessary for university entry. 
  • To provide income offsets to replace the loss of family income when a student resumes their schooling.  
  • To cover private high school tuition – the education provided at private high schools far exceeds that of the state schools and opens doors to a more secure and viable future.

University Scholarships: 

  • To help the students transition to the challenges and rigor of university life, we provide the highest level of support during the first year of university. Financial assistance decreases every year, and older students are encouraged to get part-time jobs and contribute to their tuition costs. We also provide advanced English tutoring as needed.

Room & Board Scholarships: 

  • To provide housing to students who have no home or are from the provinces where there are few schools. Two to five students live at each EYC school rent-free, which provides them with safety and security while they work to better their lives through education.


Due to the fact that most of our students do not have family members or mentors with interviewing experience or expertise in job preparedness, they are often at a disadvantage when they go to apply for a job.

Along with providing connections for internships and part-time job placement, the basic interviewing skills and resumé-developing opportunities we offer are critical for our students.  In addition, EYC develops partnerships with businesses to place students in volunteer, intern, and full-time positions.

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