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“One morning we were teaching the kids inside Lakeside School while Clara sat outside on the front steps with her cello, playing her Bach softly and watching the scene unfold on the dirt roadway…the drug dealers were out in full force, some as young as eight or nine, selling to older men, some dressed in police uniforms. The children in Lakeside know that world but have chosen sanctuary … and they will grow up dodging countless dangers and succeed in changing the world.

Do I believe that?  I believe that some of them will … because I am privileged to know those who have, and are:  Samnang, Simouy, Chhenghour, Sombo, Synoeun, Srey Nith, Srey Roth, Daneth, and Danuth, all of whom received their formative education at EYC, and are now inspiring the next generation forward in countless ways.”

– Linda, Canada

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