dsc03063-copyEYC has provided more than 100 students with scholarships in the first ten years, mostly to students with great potential and little chance of success without a helping hand.

Many of our students are one challenge away from dropping out of school. Common pressures they face are to have to go to work to help support their family, often after a parent’s illness, loss of a job, or eviction. Poverty is cruel and it is hard to break the cycle when a family has lost a breadwinner or is unable to survive financially. This puts pressure on the children to force them into working to make end meet, before having a chance to finish their studies.

EYC works closely with these students and their families to help make plans to keep them in public school through scholarships and loans, and then to go on to university which will lead to a better job and career path. The goal is to use education and scholarships to help break the poverty cycle of some of the poorest of the poor families in Phnom Penh.

dsc01456-1-copyEYC’s scholarship students receive ongoing coaching and support to help them find jobs, independent housing, additional training and health care services. EYC identifies students with high potential and the commitment to finish school with a small amount of financial assistance as there are so many students to help.

The results we have achieved have been overwhelming and could not have been made possible without the ongoing support and generosity of all our donors and contributors.