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By donating to EYC, you can support young people’s dreams of continuing their studies at university. These are amazing differences that can be made to our students’ lives and your contribution will make a big impact. The EYC team knows how rewarding it is to see young people reach their potential with a helping hand.

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Meet some of our newest graduates:

CHHON SREYROTH and her family were evicted from their home when she was young and relocated far outside the capital city. To pursue her dream of a good education, Sreyroth was forced to leave her family and move closer to her school in Phnom Penh. She asked EYC for a place to stay so that she could dedicate herself to studying English and avoid a long, dangerous commute every day. Sreyroth is passionate about education and supports her local community in between her studies, even volunteering as a librarian at EYC’s Aziza school. EYC is proud of Sreyroth’s dedication and hard work and supports her with a small food allowance every week. Sreyroth graduated from high school this year and dreams of studying Hospitality and Tourism at Norton University, where the fees are US$400 a year. Please consider supporting Sreyroth and her passion for a good education and a bright future.

vicharaEAR SERIVICHARA just graduated from high school and has been a team leader at EYC’s Youth School and member of the cycling team for the past four years. Vichara is a bright and gifted student, and through EYC was connected to extra English classes at a private school. Vichara has four brothers and sisters, but her parents struggle to support their five children on an income of less than US$200 a month. Vichara is completing an internship as a General Assistant at local photography company. She is keen to learn new skills in filming and photography while continuing to volunteer for EYC. Vichara would love to major in Hospitality and Tourism at Phnom Penh International University. The fees are US$400 per year but in her current situation, US$50 a year is all Vichara could afford to pay. If you would like to support Vichara, a bright and promising student and helpful friend of EYC, please get in touch.



CHANTA BUNTHON’S mother died when he was young. His father is a moto taxi driver and works hard to support his family, but with five children a university education is out of reach. Bunthon is determined to have a successful career so that one day he can support his brothers and sisters. This year, Bunthon graduated from high school with good grades and dreams of continuing his education at university. He wants to become a civil engineer, as he recognizes that this would be a way for him to contribute to Cambodia’s development. To major in engineering at Kossamak University, Bunthon needs US$400 a year to pay for university fees. He is currently seeking part time work to support himself and his living expenses. If you would like to help support Bunthon, please get in touch.

CHHON LYHONG lives with his mother and two siblings in EYC’s Youth School community. His parents separated years ago and his mother works hard at her factory job to support her children, although her income is very low. Lyhong has been studying with EYC for three years and is an avid cyclist. He is one of the best on EYC’s cycling team! This year, Lyhong graduated from high school and wants to study engineering for one year at Kossamak University. After one year, Lyhong vows to find an internship in the engineering field and build a career. One year of studying would cost Lyhong’s mother US$400 which is out of reach on her salary. If you would like to support Lyhong to study engineering for a year, a small amount will make a huge difference to him and his family.

tytyKY TYTY studies computer literacy and English every evening before joining his parents and three younger siblings for dinner. His father is a moto taxi driver and makes very little money to support his four children. Tyty has been studying at EYC’s Lakeside School for two years and just finished high school. He has big dreams of being a famous engineer and wishes to study engineering at the National Technology Training Institution. Tyty will have to pay US$350 a year for his university fees, but he knows his family cannot afford it. Tyty is seeking a job as a waiter to pursue his studies but also really needs support. Please consider supporting Tyty to achieve his dreams of becoming an engineer.

VOEUN DAVID has a big family with nine brothers and sisters. He has been studying at EYC for two years, but unfortunately his brothers and sisters had to stop studying and start working to help their parents make ends meet. He is an intelligent and brave student with very good English skills. David strongly believes that education is the only thing that can help him and his family out of poverty. He aims to study at the Royal University of Law and Economics where fees are US$450 a year. David knows that his family cannot afford to pay the whole amount. He works hard as a Chinese Interpreter between 1pm and 5pm every day at a school in his community, but only earns around US$50 a month. He is working hard to cover the university fees and with the support of at least US$250 a year, David believes that he will be able to make it. Please consider supporting him today.

PICH DYNO’s father died when he was young. His mother is a seller and he is the fifth child out of six brothers and sisters. Because his family is so poor, Dyno could not continue his studies in university when he graduated from high school in 2013. He started saving up for his university fees by teaching computer literacy at EYC’s Youth School for over year. In 2014, EYC supported Dyno to study a one year design course at a local university and Dyno continued working part-time at a local café throughout his studies. Currently, Dyno is working at Rodwell Learning Centre in the mornings and afternoons. In the evenings he continues studying English at EYC. Dyno is looking for more work and is determined to continue saving money to study ICT at university level. Get in touch if you would like to help Dyno reach his goals.

MOK SOMBO is a talented musician and artist who writes original songs and is very good at drawing. He was an active volunteer for EYC while he studied English and computer classes at the Youth School. His mother is in poor health and unable to work to support the family. Although his aunt provides some financial support, Sombo has to work hard to provide for his mother and younger brother. Sombo had no choice but to look for work after he graduated in high school in 2014 as he could not afford university fees. Because of his talent in music, Sombo has performed on local TV and is now working at Sa Sa Art Project, a local NGO dedicated to experimental art practices. Sombo is not just an artist, but also a computer teacher at Aziza achool and a cleaner. Sombo’s dream is to study design at the SETEC Institute where the fees are US$680 a year, which is very high for Sombo. He can only afford to pay $180 a year and needs your support to help his dreams of continuing his education.

LACH SREYPICH has been forced to defer her studies at Norton University as her family is having severe financial problems. Her mother is often sick and unable to provide for Sreypich and her two younger brothers. While Sreypich is looking for work, she is continuing her studies in English and computer studies at EYC’s Youth School. Sreypich is desperate to get back to Norton University and continue her major in Banking and Finance. The university fees are US$480 a year, but Sreypich and her family are struggle to support themselves day to day. If you would like to help Sreypich complete her studies, please consider supporting her university fees today.

Meet more of our scholarship students:

CHEA OUN has been volunteering with EYC for many years and recently became a Computer teacher. He is currently teaching a daily class alongside his studies. He is in 10th grade at Dong Koar High school and continues to study English at Aziza school. Chea a hand working student with a passion for music. To his delight, he recently received a scholarship to study guitar from our partner organisation, Music Arts School.

CHOUN PHEAROM has been studying with EYC for two years and is fascinated b Japanese culture.  She is currently in grade 12 at Ruseykeo high school. Her parents are garment workers and she has two siblings. It is Phearom’s dream to study Japanese and go to Japan one day.



KEO YARY   is a grade 12 student at Hun Sen Bun Rany Wat Phnom high school. Yary’s parents died when she was 10 years old and she is now living with her brother. She has two sisters who have factory jobs and her other brothers work in ceiling repair. She wants to study International Relations at the university. Education is very important to Yary and she plans to volunteer as teacher for young children at EYC. Yary wants to be a pillar in her community and loves building good relationships with others.

KHY CHAKRIYA is 12 years old and studies English at Aziza school in the evenings. Her mother is a street food vendor and her father is a motor taxi driver. Her parents work hard to support Chakriya and her three siblings and to provide them with a good education. Chakriya is currently studying at Sothearos Primary School.

LaiheangKONG LAIHEANG dreams of becoming a nurse and ran EYC’s dental program for two months. Laiheang’s parents have been separated for a long time and her father left when she and her siblings were very young.  Her single mother has been working hard to earn money to support her family and ensure that Laiheang gets a good education. She is currently in 12th grade at Preah Sisowath high school.

KOV KOLBOTH is a grade 11 student at Anu wat high school. His father is a solider and he has three siblings. Kolboth has been studying at EYC since he was very young, as his family lives close to EYC’s Aziza school. He is now a volunteer, teaching EYC’s IT class at Aziza. He is very grateful for the support he has received from EYC over the years and hopes to pay them back one day by pursuing a successful career.

NOU SAMNANG is currently studying Computer Skills at EYC’s Aziza school alongside his studies at Wat Koh high school. Samnang is a part-time receptionist at Music Arts School (MAS) and is passionate about music. He recently received a scholarship from Music Arts School to study Violin and Singing.

ChendaON CHENDA is 19 years old and studying at Entarak Tevy high school. Chenda volunteers at EYC’s Youth School and helps in the library as well as teaching a dance program for children. She also assists the school manager and attends evening classes at the school. Chenda wants to study to become a doctor.

SovannakirySIN CHEN SOVANNAKIRY is a grade 12 student from Sisowath high school. Her parents often struggle support Sovannakiry and her three siblings on her father’s income as a moto taxi driver. Sovannakiry is currently studying English in the evenings at Aziza school. After she graduates from high school this year, she hopes to continue studying English at university.

SreynithSOK SREYNITH is a high school graduate from Chea Sim Beng Keng Kang high school. Her English is very good and recently she received EYC scholarship to study English at Edniche school. Sreynith is currently working part-time at Music Art School (MAS) as a receptionist. Sreynith is fascinated by different cultures and global events and will study Sociology or International Relations at university next year.

TonneaSUN TONNEA is a grade 12 student at Entarak Tevy high school. His father is a solider and he has three siblings. Tonnea has been studying and volunteering at EYC for over three years. He hopes to continue his education at university and earn a degree in ICT Technology.

THOEUN VIREAK doesn’t receive any support from his parents and lives with his grandmother near EYC’s Aziza School. EYC supports Vireak with $20 a month to study at a public school. Vireak is a bright and promising student and studied computer skills at Aziza School. He was named one of the school’s most intelligent students and proved that he is a fast-learner with a good understanding of many subjects. He usually completes tasks quickly during lessons and is always happy to help his classmates with any problems they have. He is currently studying English at Aziza and is in 6th grade at Sothearos High School.

TITH SOPHA is a high school graduate and will continue his studies at university next year. He used to study with EYC and his continued his involvement with us by volunteering as team leader at EYC’s Impact School. Sopha impressed us with his dedication and we soon promoted him to a staff position, working as school assistant at Impact. To Sopha’s delight, he recently received scholarship to study at a private school.

KHY PHISAL is a bright, hard-working student at Pannasastra university. His father is a motor taxi driver and his mother is a street food vendor. Phisal works had to support his studies so that his parents can focus on supporting his three siblings.

SreypovKONG SREYPOV is from Takeo provice and a senior student in Accounting at Build Bright university. She is currently working as a part-time accountant at an international english school in Phnom Penh. Sreypov’s english is very good and she was recently awarded with a scholarship to study part-time English at American Education Center (AEC).

ThyLUE THY studied at EYC’s Aziza School up until 2012. She is a talented dancer and is currently studying Contemporary Dance at Phnom Penh’s Ballet School. Thy is also a second year student at Pannasastra university and is majoring in English for Business Communication.

vibolVON VIBOL teaches Computer Skills at EYC’s Lakeside School every day from 8am to 11. He is also studying law at Western University. Previously, Vibol volunteered as team leader at Lakeside and also helped a lot with the school Library. EYC support Vibol by providing him with residence at Lakeside School.

SelaSENG SELA volunteered as a team leader at EYC’s Aziza school when it opened in 2006 and also enrolled in English classes. He is still very much involved with EYC and is the Sports Leader for all four of EYC’s schools. He is currently in his third year Pannasastra University and will major in Environmental Studies.

SimouySENG SIMOUY is a particularly bright student who studied at EYC’s Aziza School. She studies Computer Skills and English and picked up English very quickly. She has exceptional English skills and is a very fast learner. With support from EYC, she went to the Royal University of Phnom Penh  to study Sociology. Simouy is currently in her second year. She works as a receptionist at Music Arts School (MAS) alongside her studies.







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