Job Desk

EYC further promotes the professional development and livelihood of young adults through our in-house Job Desk service and associated training program.

Many Cambodian students or recent graduates often do not possess the professional competencies or experience needed to obtain employment; a potentially serious problem to those who already experience financial hardship as a result of obtaining a post-secondary education.

Through the generous support from donors EYC started the Job Desk program with the objective of better preparing students for the labor market.

We designed a multiple-week training program given at our schools to introduce the program, stakeholders’ roles & responsibilities therein, and teach relevant computer and other skills like resume writing and interviewing to prepare our students for subsequent job placement.

The program’s coordinator is in constant communication with local employers and matches the requirements of an employer or a particular job with the competencies, suitability, and availability of our program participants.

Scheduled and separate follow-up meetings with both, employer and employee ensure that program rules are adhered to and that both parties are realizing an invaluable benefit as a result of the placement.

With Cambodian youth unemployment figures still in the double percentage digits, EYC aims to successfully grow the Job Desk program over time with the objective of seeing empowered youth with skills and confidence to be leaders who actively develop self, family and community towards positive change.