English Teaching

New Youth School KidsAll our schools provide free English teaching to the youth in the local community where our schools are located. This grounds us in their community and provides easy access for children and youth. While there are many English programs in the city, most of them charge and are located further from the poor areas of Phnom Penh.

Our schools offer classes for all ages for 6 hours a day, Monday through Friday. We currently have over 340 students in our English classes.

Our teachers are all local Khmer who are paid at market rates (about $1.50 to $3.00 an hour). By hiring teachers from the community, we are able to provide jobs as well. We are also grateful for the short term Western volunteers who assist our Khmer teachers with these classes.

Graduates from our program are currently working in jobs such as: waitress, data entry, local NGOs, and computer teacher at a private school.