Community Organizing

Under the guidance of EYC’s Community Organizing Officer Ms Hem Nareth, EYC works to expand our efforts outside of our schools and into the communities where we work, primarily by empowering young people and facilitating their involvement. In 2010 Nareth provided a practical, experiential community organizing (CO) training for our student team leaders and issued certificates of achievement to the 12 young people who successfully completed the training. In 2011 Nareth has begun weekly Advanced CO training as well as 2 classes of Basic CO on Sundays to members of the EYC team as well as people from the NGO community, which will conclude in early 2012.

EYC feels that through this grass roots process and by building on the skills of the young people we work with, the strength of the community and their ability to solve problems is greatly enhanced.

If you would like to read a recent report from our CO team’s efforts, click here!