EYC’s donor and partner since 2009!

Montpelier logo

Together and through Camkids, Montpelier funds the running costs for Lakeside and Youth Schools, providing EYC a baseline to improve our services and focus on our beneficiaries.


Steve Heimberg is a long term member of the EYC family, sharing his expertise and resources to help foster EYC’s growth and stability.

EYC’s partner and donor since 2009!


John Nora and Brody Spinks

Gloria Chico-Fernandez

EYC’s medical adviser and provider.
Village Earth is EYC’s incubator, and was instrumental in getting EYC off the ground. Village Earth is still a strong partner and provides the mechanism for donors to give to EYC, and 501(c)(3) status to US donors.
A dental NGO that has provided almost 1,000 dental visits to EYC students.

Krama yoga logo

Kundalini Yoga and Krama Yoga provide yoga classes to students of EYC, as well as advanced teacher training to some of our older students.
Our partner who has helped EYC over the years, including ongoing medical care to EYC’s Youth School.
Our partner who has provided great life experiences for our students through their adventure camp.

Cambodia sings

Cambodia Sings conduct weekly singing classes at all four of our schools, a great way to help our students learn English and it helps us encourage them to find their voice!