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Fulfilling Dreams at EYC

Dear Friend of EYC,

Thanks to your support, Empowering Youth in Cambodia (EYC) has helped more young people than ever through our educational programs and community activities this year. Over 700 young people are learning English and computer skills in some of the most impoverished communities at our four schools. Our health, sports and regular leadership training programs continue to be essential activities in building strong young people.

Nov_newsletter EYC

EYC’s scholarship program helps young people to further their education in the face of poverty. One student named Chanta Bunthon has a dream to become a civil engineer and help to rebuild Cambodia. His mother died when he was young and his father works hard to support his family, but is unable to contribute to his son’s dream. Bunthon has been accepted to university to study engineering, but $400 is what stands between him and starting his degree.

Chantha Bunthorn2_newsletterBy donating to EYC, you can support Bunthon’s dreams of becoming an engineer. If you would like to support him and others to continue their studies at university, please donate here.

These are amazing differences that can be made to our students’ lives, and your contribution can make a big impact. The EYC team knows how rewarding it is to see young people reach their potential with a helping hand.

Thank you for your kind and generous support and for helping bright young people like Bunthon to overcome adversity and realize their dreams.

Warmest regards,





Drew McDowell & the EYC team

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International Human Rights Day at EYC

On December 10th, we honored International Human Rights Day at Aziza, Lakeside and Youth School. There were human rights events going on all across Cambodia and EYC felt it was important to proactively demonstrate the importance of respect for rights since the populations we work with are very vulnerable. Our Khmer staff focused on educating our students about their human rights and encouraged discussion on what they can do to protect themselves and their family. This included learning more about the International Declaration of Human Rights and the Cambodian Constitution. Many people in developing countries like Cambodia don’t know they have ‘rights’ and don’t know what to do if their rights are violated. This contributes to land grabs, human trafficking, poor labor conditions, and other abuses, especially among the poor. By providing education in areas like English, computers, and human rights, we’re doing what we can to empower young Cambodians to build a better future.

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A New Location for our Youth School

In 2009, we opened our Youth School in Boeung Kok’s Village 14 to provide education and community organizing to the residents there. We’ve had a lot of success there, including:

  • English classes for 143 students (6 hours/day, M-F)
  • A computer lab where students learn Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Email, etc
  • Medical clinic run by medical doctors finishing their residencies on Saturdays
  • Weekly dentist trips for kids (under 18) for cleanings, fillings, extractions, etc
  • Sports programs, including a soccer team (kids under 14) and a cycling team
  • Community Organizing training on Sundays

We couldn’t continue the lease at our previous location, so we found a new facility about 1km north along the tracks. We have more space and an overall better situation. We’ll miss the old space, since it was a pretty special house, up high on stilts!
There is still renovation to be done, including finishing the computer lab, but English classes and other programs are going strong. Almost all of the students from the old location still attend, and we’ve gained a few too!

New Youth School Kids

Our school is renting five rooms in a mostly residential complex.

We are still close to the train tracks, which are currently not in operation. Our school room is on the left.
Building Near Train Tracks

There is a lot of life going on in the community near the Youth School.
Life Along Tracks

Our Youth School Manager is Kungkea. He’s doing a great job!

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