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EYC Takes Home the Bronze in Mt Bike Race

EYC students were introduced to the great sport of mountain biking and loved the
experience.  The top students from each school were selected based on their
peers confidence in their strength to compete in a race, and 4 boys and 4
girls were chosen to take part. The race was in a mountain area called
Kirrirom about 3 hours from Phnom Penh.

The scenery resembled Colorado and was a refreshing experience for us, as some students literally live over a sewage containment lake and all live in cramped dirty conditions.  We
arrived on Saturday and most of them tried a mt bike for the first time.
That night we slept in a local village with families that make their homes
available for $3 per night.  Early in the morning we took to the trails for
a race of a lifetime as they competed on a 10 or 20 kilometer course.  Aziza
School’s Srey Mom took 3rd place overall for the women events, and first in
her class (4 of the 7 women competing were our students).  The next day Srey
Mom missed work as a house cleaner because her arms and shoulders were so
sore, but she said she is interested in joining the women’s cycling team
(she was invited by the local bike shop).  A highlight was swimming in a
cold mountain stream, and everyone had a great time.

Mike Kiess, EYC’s mt biking coach and sponsor took 5th place in the over 35

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Scholarship Candidates

Dear Friends,

This year we have several students who have graduated from high school, many of them with honors, and we are now seeking funds to be able to offer them scholarships to be able to go on to university. This is a plea with some urgency, as university will be starting soon. It is also a time when we have no extra funds to be able to contribute to them, so please consider making a donation. It will be a great investment!

Here you can read about our candidates.

Thank you,

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Christmas Parties 2009


People around the world enjoy to celebrate join together to enjoy Christmas parties. The new generation of Cambodian people are taking example from this traditional celebration. Most of the Organizations, NGOs and Churches celebrate Christmas with a party for their staff’s enjoyment. However, EYC, which is running three slum schools, also celebrates its party for all of the schools’ students.

We celebrated the party on two different days. We had the party for Aziza School on December 24th, 2009 and December 27th, 2009 for Lake Side and Youth School together.

With the generous support from our donors, the party went so well. We prepared more than 400 gifts to give out to our students as a Christmas present. All of our students were very happy and thankful to our donors for their kindness and charity toward them.

The village people were very impressed and happy to see their children’s talents showcased as part of the party show, with performances they were taught by our staff. Our staff worked very hard to teach and train to these students how to sing (both Khmer and English), dance, role play, answering questions….

The parties have strengthened the relationship between the students, between our organization and the village people, and between our organization and local authorities. This is an excellent outcome for the benefit of our organization as a result of the kindness and generosity of donors. Again, we want to thank all donors who kindly gave funds to make this happen.

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Our schools are growing!

Our organization, Village Earth Cambodia, has opened our new school called Youth School in the train track area in October 2009 to empowering youth in that area. In the first month we opened the school, we started with only three classes: one in the morning, afternoon and evening, each with 20 to 25 students. Last month, sometime in November, we separated this into five classes because more students were interested in education and began to attend.

Because the number of students have increased, we are planning to open up a new class in Jan 2010 by separating the evening class to two classes. We are so excited about this because we can see that the youth are starting to understand the importance of education in their lives. We really need support from the government and also from other people to encourage and give opportunities to the young generation to really participate in the growth of the country in order to reduce poverty in Cambodia.

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10 Children Given the Opportunity to Start School

We, Village Earth Cambodia, recently have opened a new school in Beong Kak area called Beong Kak Youth School. Our purpose of opening this school is to develop human resources in the community by providing English classes, dancing lessons, dental care for little children, and a medical clinic….

Many students come to register because it is free of charge for them. Our staff and teachers who are working in Youth School found out that some of those children do not go to school because they don’t have money. We are so concerned about their future and their family’s future if they don’t go to school.Some of them live with a widow mother and some of them have moved from a province and they don’t have any money to transfer from their province school to the city school. Our staff and teachers in Youth School worked very hard to get these kids into public school.

Finally, we got 10 kids to go to school. In order to keep them in school, we have to support them constantly so they will not be chased out from school. In Cambodia, because the government pays a very low salary to teachers, the schools have to collect money from students every day to support the teachers’ sustainability.

We also have provided each of the students with some money to pay their teachers, as well as some school materials such as books, pens, pencils, writing boards, uniforms, and bags. They were so excited and grateful for a chance to go back to school.

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