About Nareth

Hem Vanarath, or “Nareth” has worked as EYC’s Development and Community Organizing Officer since January 2010. Nareth’s work has been focused on bringing people together in the communities where EYC works and training young people to take actions and be leaders in their communities. In addition, she works to help people in crisis and advise the staff of EYC on all matters.

Nareth graduated in 2004 from Build Bright University where she majored in Program and Project Development Management. She has been chosen for several opportunities for further study including International Exchange program for development, community organizing , sustainable development in Sweden, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand. , was a member of young women leadership program supported by UN, and is a regular speaker for groups of women and young people. Among her passions is wanting to be a part of changing her country; to help people fight poverty and suffering, and help people be empowered for social change and engagement.

She believes that “real development” is based on social responsibility and people empowerment; both, physically and mentally. Through these beliefs Nareth has equipped EYC with innovative and sustainable approaches to empowering people who are living in impoverished communities.

Prior to joining EYC she worked as a facilitator/trainer for three years at Youth Resource Development Program (YRDP) where she specialized in sustainable development, community organizing, good governance and democracy. During that time she wrote some educational documents related to sustainable development and community organizing.

Nareth is committed to work in the area of sustainable development for her entire career. Her future ambition is to be a development policy maker/advisor. In the meantime she will continue being an invaluable asset to EYC and the communities it serves with her can-do attitude and contagious self-motivation.