Our Staff

EYC’s team members include Program Leads, School Managers, English Teachers, Computer Teachers, Social Workers, Medical workers and Support team members.  All staff are Khmer (Cambodian) and half are former students from the communities in which we work – it is our belief that our former students provide a unique perspective and understanding of challenges to help the next generation make positive changes.

A major aspect of our mission is to build capacity in the staff, and they are given responsibility and direction to make them leaders. We tap in to our staff’s strengths, and support their ideas for initiatives, empowering them to run projects. Many have gone on to take on leadership positions with other organizations.


Delphine Vann:  Country Manager delphine-lo-res

In 2001, Delphine moved to Cambodia, drawn by the need to discover the country of her birth and her father’s home country. As a little girl, as war was emerging in Cambodia, she and her family were able to escape to find refuge in Switzerland, her mother’s country.

The urge to “return to Cambodia to help” inspired Delphine in building a career as a humanitarian professional working in war torn areas including Bosnia, Rwanda and Columbia, returning to Cambodia in 2001. After fifteen years of working for multiple NGOs in the country, Delphine’s conclusion is that Cambodia’s development lies in the hands of its youth.

Delphine’s leadership has allowed EYC to stay strong in all of our programs and continue to provide essential education and development opportunities for some very marginalized but deserving youth.


Nov Synoeun:  DSC07717Program Manager

A former student, team leader, youth coordinator and English teacher, Synoeun has made numerous contributions to the organization through her involvement in leadership development of students and programs for youth over the past ten years. In 2015 she returned from studying one year at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts USA.  She graduated in 2016 in Media Communications from Pannasastra University of Cambodia and stepped into a major management position for the organization as program manager.

Synoeun wanted to give back to EYC for the opportunities it provided to her, and we are lucky to have her skills, leadership and perspective.  See her story here.

Phath Bophal:  Accountant

Bophal is currently the accountant for both EYC and partner Music Arts School. She is responsible for all aspects of financial management and is a very skilled and organised accountant.


Prak Tithrany: Kid Teacher LeaderDSC07138


Rany has been an English teacher for almost 10 years and is currently completing a Masters Degree in Education. He works to build the skills of our Kid Teachers and to build up their classroom resources. Rany has been with EYC for over seven years and loves the work that EYC does. He is one of few members of staff that did not study at one of our schools! Rany is always gentle and polite, making him popular with both students and teachers.


Sean Kanha: Classroom teacherSean Kanha 1

Kanha has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and been working with EYC for 2 years. While she was studying, she continued helping EYC on a part-time bases and was recently hired as full-time staff. She also steps in as a substitute teacher whenever she is needed. Kanha is friendly, hard-working and confident, making her a great role model for her students.






Ney Bondol:  School Manager & Computers 15033941_10154532251980211_1759026972_o

Bondol is the School Manager for Youth School and Impact School.  The School Managers are key team members who ensure the day-to-day operation of our schools by coordinating student activities like field trips and sports, assisting at the medical clinic, staffing the library, maintaining the facilities, and connecting with people in the community. Bondol considers himself the “lucky son” because he was able to continue his studies.  He graduated from university in IT. Bondol is already very popular with his students and is a wonderful addition to the EYC team.


Ky Hao:  Teacher

Ky Hao is the longest serving teacher at EYC, beginning his career with us in 2009. He is currently teaching at our Lakeside School in the evenings and has a lot of students. Ky Hao is a very good leader as well as organised and responsible. He is passionate about teaching and has a Masters in Education Development. He loves working with our bright young students at EYC and is one of our most qualified teachers.