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What’s in Store for 2024

On behalf of EYC, I would like to wish a happy new year to all our friends and supporters worldwide!

2023 was a very successful year for EYC. Among other achievements, we launched an expanded Leadership course, reaching younger students; developed and piloted a new Robotics program; and updated our outreach program with a series of age-sensitive workshops aimed at promoting gender equality.

As we enter 2024, we plan to continue building on our achievements. We will focus on bolstering our digital literacy efforts by increasing the use of technology across all processes and programs, giving students access to tools that will aid them in their academic and professional pursuits.

Our partnerships have thrived in the last year, allowing us to deliver a sustainable and positive impact. In 2024, we will foster our existing relationships with other NGOs, organizations, and companies while further expanding our network. We aim to create a symbiotic environment within Cambodia’s non-profit educational sector by sharing our resources and curriculums with external collaborators, ensuring that our know-how and courses reach the maximum number of students.

With these objectives in mind, our 2024 priorities are as follows:


English Curriculum

Proficiency in English is crucial for accessing higher education and professional opportunities in Cambodia. In 2024, EYC will continue its partnership with LiteracyPlanet, the leading online English literacy platform, encouraging students to work on courses at home and in the classroom. We remain committed to providing quality English lessons to our staff and students and improving our older students’ general knowledge of English through various activities and workshops. These activities provide them with valuable skills that will open doors in the future.

STEM Pathways

In the past few years, EYC has focused on strengthening our STEM programs, and we will continue to enhance them even further in 2024. We are scaling up our new coding and robotics course (piloted in 2023) to include 100 students across our three community centers. Our program managers, along with engineers and international volunteers, are designing new advanced coding and Excel curriculums that will provide students with more opportunities to strengthen their tech skills. EYC students will continue competing in national robotics, IT, and coding events. With the tech sector expanding in Cambodia, we see many opportunities for our students to pursue IT and computer-related academic and professional paths.


Last year, we expanded EYC’s Leadership Program from a 1-year to a 3-year curriculum, targeting students aged 11 to 16. Based on the classroom results and student enthusiasm, we are happy to share that this unique EYC curriculum was immensely successful, and we will continue delivering it in 2024.

In addition, EYC is introducing a new micro-grant program to the Leadership curriculum that will allow students to design their own educational and cultural projects linked to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which all Team Leaders learned about in workshops in 2023. The micro-grants program will allow EYC Team Leaders to take concrete actions to support their communities while working towards a common goal.


Vocational Training

2023 saw the successful development of our Vocational Training TVET program and the creation of the new Build Your Future platform, a post-graduation online guidance platform. As an alternative to academic pathways, we encourage certain students to pursue the TVET pathways we make available. By partnering with existing institutions providing targeted and proven vocational training, EYC provides students with access to the best training providers in Phnom Penh.

EYC’s vocational training objective in 2024 is to expand student access to professional opportunities by providing career guidance and inviting guest lecturers to share their professional development experiences.


One of our primary objectives in 2024 is to grow our New Generation Schools scholarship program, which gives our students access to a higher quality of education than traditional state schools. In 2023, 8 EYC students integrated into NGS. We want to increase that number to 20 in 2024. EYC will also increase the information available on our online platform – Build Your Future. We will provide graduating grade 12 students with follow-up, focusing on the transition to university life as well as psychosocial support to aid in the personal struggles and family pressures they face.


 EYC closely monitors developments in each of our communities. Rapid urban development in Phnom Penh is a significant issue, as many poor and disadvantaged communities are forced out of their neighborhoods by the construction of roads and buildings. Families of EYC students have been served evictions in the past. We are committed to supporting and helping these students and their families. Our priorities for 2024 include:

  • Responding to EYC students’ basic health needs through partnerships with local eye, dental, and ENT clinics.
  • Operating medical clinics in the EYC communities and linking families with existing social services in Cambodia, such as the National Security Fund.
  • Providing access to birth control services for EYC families in partnership with local organizations.
  • Empowering students and increasing their resilience through an ongoing project where they build their own advocacy tools to protect themselves from online sexual exploitation.
  • Giving students the opportunity to learn how to swim which boosts their confidence and provides them with a vital skill in a country prone to flooding. These lessons are done in partnership with the Canadian International School (CIS).

2024 will be an exciting and ambitious year for EYC. We are looking forward to sharing our achievements and successes with you in the months to come!

Raphaël Poutignat
EYC Managing Director



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