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Leadership Changes at EYC – Welcome, Raphaël and Thank-you, Delphine!

After six years of impactful and intentional leadership, Delphine Vann is transitioning to the role of EYC Strategic Advisor (more below). In her place as Managing Director, we are excited to welcome Raphaël Poutignat.  

Raphaël holds a Master’s degree in Economics and International Development with courses in humanitarian project management, child protection, and education. After a brief experience in the private sector in France as an Economist, he moved to South America, where he worked for the protection and the education of children, teenagers, and youths among the most marginalized in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Quito (Ecuador). In 2018, he managed a youth student center where he implemented a vocational training program for students from rural areas coming to study in Phnom Penh. He then worked as a Development Manager for First Step Cambodia, a local NGO supporting survivors of sexual abuse in Cambodia.

We look forward to Raphaël bringing his experience and perspective to his work with Synoeun, Delphine, the EYC team, and our partners as we continue to advance EYC’s mission of providing education and opportunities to help break the cycle of poverty.

“I was drawn to EYC’s work supporting the education of marginalized youth and its reputation as an organization with great people, a strong emphasis on values (service, community, teamwork, etc.), and a deep commitment to working with and supporting one another.”

–  EYC Managing Director, Raphaël Poutignat

Stay tuned for an upcoming Q&A with Raphaël where he will share more about his background, experiences, and what made him want to join the EYC team. 

EYC has had two Managing Directors over its sixteen years. The first was founder Drew McDowell, who had the vision of bringing opportunities to the talented yet marginalized kids of the urban slums of Phnom Penh. The second was Delphine, who worked to maintain the unique spirit and culture of EYC and brought an enhanced strategic and professional approach, growing the organization and its programming and navigating through some very challenging times over the last two years. 

“I appreciate Delphine for all the many things she’s taken responsibility for these last six years, especially the big picture management. I also appreciate the heart she has brought to the work – including finding the ones who needed help the most and finding a way to give that help with intention, love, and professionalism – helping our young people to realize their potential.” 

– EYC Founder, Drew McDowell

Delphine will support the team during the transition and will work with the leadership team and board to better define EYC’s strategic plan and continue to develop opportunities in Cambodia and beyond. We so appreciate Delphine’s work over the last six years – through her leadership, EYC’s impact has scaled (in reach, depth, and quality) and has shown it is capable of growing and adapting to community and student needs.

Please join us in gratitude to Delphine for her years of service to EYC and in welcoming Raphaël into the EYC family.

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