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Opening Up to New Experiences: Sreynuch

Hello Friends of EYC!

My name is Sreynuch.  I am a 20-year-old EYC scholarship student studying Tourism and Hospitality at the Royal University of Phnom Penh.

My life was difficult growing up.  My parents divorced, and people told me I would never be successful because of my parents’ situation.  I was afraid to talk to strangers and felt depressed a lot.

That all changed in 2012, when I was in Grade 9, and my sister introduced me to EYC where she was a computer teacher.  EYC has helped me to develop new skills, find a part-time job, get a scholarship, build my confidence, and be open to new experiences.

After graduation, I plan to work in a hotel so that I can earn money to help support my mother who is sick.  However, one day I would like to open a book exchange so I can make reading more accessible to people in my community.

Before EYC, I would compare myself to others in terms of what they had and what I didn’t.  Now, I like myself just the way I am!


P.S.    អំណាច (amnach), which means “Empowered”, is the word I would use to describe who I am because of EYC.


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