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What’s Happening At EYC: Winter 2018

Making Music at the Schools:

At the end of 2017, we were joined by our wonderful Canadian volunteers, Linda, Janis, and Clara. Linda, a pianist, and Clara, a cellist, shared their passion for music with the students of EYC by performing at each school. In addition to the performances, they also donated two keyboards to EYC, which are now being used to teach piano at Lakeside and Youth School. We are grateful they helped us expand our music offerings beyond guitar classes.

Kamol, a piano teacher, and Samnang, an EYC scholarship student, and musician, are continuing to bring music to the EYC classrooms through weekly singing, violin, and piano classes. Samnang’s love of music is contagious and the kids are having a lot of fun discovering new talents.

In addition, we are delighted to be partnering with Cambodia Sings once again to bring singing into our classrooms. Our students find their voices through singing and they also get the opportunity to practice their English through song.

Bringing Art into the Classrooms:

Israeli volunteers and artists, Shoshanna and Gideon, recently spent two months with EYC leading daily art classes. At each school, 15-20 students aged five to fourteen years old participated in the art classes led by Shoshana. These classes explored different art techniques including jewelry making, t-shirt designs, school decorations, and game design. Kids explored their creative and artistic potential while learning other disciplines, including math and English. This culminated in an Art Exhibition on February 11 at our offices at Music Arts School providing our student artists with the chance to showcase their work to their parents, the EYC family, and visitors.

Although Shoshana and Gideon are back in Israel now, our art program continues thanks to our talented teacher, Daneth, who was trained by Shoshana and Gideon and will be teaching an art class every week in each school.

Music and arts offer children a different way to express themselves and interact with the world around them. Not only do the arts broaden their perspectives helping them think in new ways but the arts also bring joy and happiness to the kids. Outside of EYC, our students have very little access to music or to artistic expression, and it is important to us to support their creative exploration and provide them with opportunities to develop these new skills. In addition, through performing or showcasing their music or art in front of others they are building self-respect and gaining confidence.

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