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Doors Open At Aziza Thmey

Three months after the closing of EYC’s first school “Aziza”, doors opened at “Aziza Thmey”. We are delighted to share that our latest school is already providing education to already 158 students!
In the months following the closing of the original Aziza, we managed to continue serving Aziza students with a full schedule of morning and evening English classes along with a fully operating computer lab using space in our offices.
In August we opened Aziza Thmey in the “Chak Angres” community, located about 25 minutes from the now demolished “White Building.”  Chak Angres is a poor community with diverse households, many still lacking basic infrastructure. Adjacent is a project where roughly 100 families from the White Building relocated using the compensation they received from their former homes. Other than this new construction project, the area is very much a slum, with many kids lacking basic education opportunities. Our team members are meeting families at their homes to further build relationships in the community, and we will continue to explain the purpose of EYC to increase attendance.

63 students attended classes in Aziza Thmey on the first day, and that number has already grown to 102. We will continue to expand the programs we offer at Aziza Thmey including resuming our weekly medical clinics, bringing in traditional Khmer dance, literacy classes for mothers and more.

Within two weeks of the “White Building” and Aziza’s closing, temporary English classes were organized at our office at Music Arts School. We are pleased to report that all of our older, evening students continued to attend classes. This is a key group of youth – many of them are scholarship students with incredible potential, and we were able to provide them education and stability during very uncertain times. Educational and leisure activities were promoted on the weekends to keep them united and happy.  We also have decided to keep one classroom running in our office since the location works so well for the older students, and we have 56 students attending classes every day (all former Aziza students).

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