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International Human Rights Day at EYC

On December 10th, we honored International Human Rights Day at Aziza, Lakeside and Youth School. There were human rights events going on all across Cambodia and EYC felt it was important to proactively demonstrate the importance of respect for rights since the populations we work with are very vulnerable. Our Khmer staff focused on educating our students about their human rights and encouraged discussion on what they can do to protect themselves and their family. This included learning more about the International Declaration of Human Rights and the Cambodian Constitution. Many people in developing countries like Cambodia don’t know they have ‘rights’ and don’t know what to do if their rights are violated. This contributes to land grabs, human trafficking, poor labor conditions, and other abuses, especially among the poor. By providing education in areas like English, computers, and human rights, we’re doing what we can to empower young Cambodians to build a better future.

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