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Sopheak’s Summer Camp Adventure at Jombok Hoas

“Hello! My name is Choum Sopheak. When I went to the adventure camp I am happy, excited, and afraid also. Now I want to tell everybody about my interesting experience from there with the other students from EYC organization.

“When I came to Jombok Hoas I thought that this place was for making people struggle, like in the army. But when I stayed there and participated in the activities, it was way different to what I thought. Through all many experiences and the learning activities, this place has encouraged a greater consciousness and self confidence in me. Most activities have impacted my social life, my individuality and the people around me. Jombok Hoas is a place for helping people to work together, to build teams and to forgive the other people in the group. All the games always create knowledge, new ideas and we gain experience from it.  They showed us a method to solve the problems that I face in my life, like studying, family, and working. I got a lot of creative ideas, leadership, relationship, and how to work with co-workers in organization. There are some games scary. I am afraid, but I still can do it, because of the facilitators and friends, who always encourage me, something that I thought that I can’t do it, but I was way different to what I thought. So I can do it all the games including the high ropes courses.

Thanks to EYC, Camkids and operators of Jombok Hoas who offered the opportunity for me to get more knowledge and experience from there. So I’ll share knowledge and experience to everybody who I know and other people, especially I’ll practice it in my family and workplace with co-workers and manager.

“I wish you have a good luck forever and that your work goes well. I hope that I go to camping again in future.”

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