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Christmas Parties 2009


People around the world enjoy to celebrate join together to enjoy Christmas parties. The new generation of Cambodian people are taking example from this traditional celebration. Most of the Organizations, NGOs and Churches celebrate Christmas with a party for their staff’s enjoyment. However, EYC, which is running three slum schools, also celebrates its party for all of the schools’ students.

We celebrated the party on two different days. We had the party for Aziza School on December 24th, 2009 and December 27th, 2009 for Lake Side and Youth School together.

With the generous support from our donors, the party went so well. We prepared more than 400 gifts to give out to our students as a Christmas present. All of our students were very happy and thankful to our donors for their kindness and charity toward them.

The village people were very impressed and happy to see their children’s talents showcased as part of the party show, with performances they were taught by our staff. Our staff worked very hard to teach and train to these students how to sing (both Khmer and English), dance, role play, answering questions….

The parties have strengthened the relationship between the students, between our organization and the village people, and between our organization and local authorities. This is an excellent outcome for the benefit of our organization as a result of the kindness and generosity of donors. Again, we want to thank all donors who kindly gave funds to make this happen.

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