2010 Scholarships

EYC would like to thank you for your generous support! Your scholarship donations have successfully given the following students the opportunity to pursue future study:

Chea Lidea

Chea Lide is an outstanding student and has scored in the top percentile for all Cambodian students graduating this year with a 96.76/100. She is a Team Leader and has been a student at Lakeside School for the past 2 years. Among other activities, she has been actively engaged with our medical clinic that is held at Lakeside School every Saturday night and has a strong interest to work in the medical field.

She wants to study nursing at International University (IU) and is currently awaiting her exam results. She has successfully obtained a 50% scholarship for 2 years ($750 per year) and we expect student loan options to be available to her within 2 years.

Cambodia is behind in the Millenium Development Goals in healthcare and maternal health. In particular, there is a shortage of nurses and more will be needed to meet this goal. Lidea’s peers consider her a hard worker, intelligent, and works well with people.

Ouk Samean

Ouk Samean is an energetic student team leader at Aziza and is generally fluent in English. He got 68.89/100 for his high school score. He is also the sports coordinator, and is responsible for the soccer/football team from Aziza, which is having a very good season. He has successfully obtained a scholarship and is studying Business Management at Norton University.

Seng Simuy

Seng Simuy (older sister of Sela, but they started school the same year) has been an outstanding student for the past 3 years that I (Drew) have known her. She was ranked #1 after finishing 9th grade, and then skipped 10th grade to work in a restaurant to help her family with money. When she returned, the school allowed her to go on to 11th grade, and she received the #1 rank for grade 11 as well (with no foundation from grade 10).

The score that she received in her high school (grade 12) exam was 97.48/100, and has received a scholarship for her first year of studying Banking and Finance at the Royal University of Law and Economics.

Seng Sela

Seng Sela has been a student at Aziza School since the beginning, and has been actively involved as a team leader, yoga teacher (trained in Kundilini yoga), and is our sports coordinator (soccer and dancing). Sela is generally consider to be focused, well liked, and committed to great things in his life.

Sela has successfully received a scholarship and is doing his foundation year in English. He will then commence his studies in environmental science at Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia.

Sela’s score was 97.51/100 on his grade 12 exam, which puts him in the top percentile of graduating students.

Lue Ty

Lue Ty has been a student at Aziza since 2006, and she and her family were among the bravest to protest against the taking of their house in the Dey Krahorm eviction. While a regular student in our evening classes she didn’t take part in a lot of the extra activities because she has worked part time as a cleaner as well as helping with her mother’s food-cart business.

Lue Ty is a regular for the aerobics/dancing in the park, and is among the top hip hop dancers in this community (in other words, she’s an amazing dancer).

Lue Thy scored a 95.25 on her grade 12 exam!!! (level C) and has commenced her foundation year in English. She has successfully obtained a scholarship to study Marketing at Norton University.

Ly Chantho

Ly Chantho has been a student at Aziza since the beginning and grew up in Dey Krahorm. She comes from a very large family (her grandmother has 56 grandchildren so far), and works hard with her business selling grilled squid and eggs in front of her housing block until late at night every day. While her family situation didn’t allow her to focus on school as much as she liked, but she was still able to pass her final high school exam (which has a 20% fail rate).

She has successfully obtained a scholarship to study Marketing at Norton University.

Yem Chenda

Yem Chenda is one of the original students from Lakeside School, and lived just a few houses away with her parents and sisters. She was also the teachers assistant at Lakeside School for the children’s classe (she is generally fluent in English), as well as a student team leader. She has also been invited 2 times to be a peer facilitator for a women’s leadership training organized through the US Peace Corp. She is a young leader in Cambodia.

Chenda scored an 89.95 on her exam. She has successfully received a scholarship to study Law at the Rural University of Law and Economics from an NGO that formerly partnered with EYC.

Chhum Phanith

Phanith has been a student at Aziza since the beginning (2006) when he moved from the provence to live with his sister and her family next to the original Aziza Schoolhouse. He has been living in Aziza for the past few years, and it is here that he learned computers. His skills have become quite high so he has become the IT support for our office and the manager of the Aziza School computer lab. Phanith’s English skills are relatively excellent. You can see his first blog at:

To study at public school in Cambodia, particularly in grade 12 (the last year), students need to pay for each subject they want to study. Phanith chose to self-study, mostly IT, as well as work, and still passed his exam with a respectably 83.57, level D.

He has successfully obtained a scholarship to study IT at the Royal University of Phnom Penh.